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In case if you are looking for a more natural way to split your logs, it would be appropriate to consider a log splitter which is gas powdered. To speed up the cutting process of firewood, it is recommended to go for high-quality log splitters.

Any homeowner or woodcutter who wants to reduce the workload of cutting firewood should buy a log splitter.

It does come in various sizes like for small houses to large industrial units. Log splitter comes with a power rating and can split the hardest wood.

In this article, we will provide you Yardmax log splitter reviews in which all the specifications, features, pros and cons have been mentioned to help you to buy the right product according to your needs.

The Yardmax 25 Ton Log Splitter accompanies with various standard design upgrades for better and longer execution. Prepared to take on rock-solid applications, the Yard max gas log splitters give durability under hard situations. Small, sturdy, and simple to gather and move it parts logs securely and efficiently when stacked from either side of the

machine in either a vertical or even position. The larger parts give the shortest process duration in its class. The patent-pending 4-way wedge is incorporated and is intended for a speedy association and jam free activity with no compelling reason to change the log stripper plates.

Who is this Product for?

Any homeowner or woodcutter who wants to reduce the workload of cutting firewood should buy this log splitter.

What’s Included?

It does come partially assembled and includes-
1. Cylinder with Beam
2. Engine with Reservoir
3. Beam Bracket 4.
4. Tools for assembly of Smart Plug
5. Log Cradle (Left)
6. Operator and engine manual
7. Wheels
8. Tow Bar
9. Tube
10. Log Cradle (Right)
11. Pivot Bracket
12. Log table is optional

Overview of Features

When it comes to features, Yardmax is one of the smartest companies which are included with log splitters. As log splitters accompany with log cradles on both sides, it is stable when used for some large-sized logs. In the end, it has a metal spinning plate, and it helps in splitting while turning the woods and also reduces the stress upon the beam. Typically, a log splitter takes 13-15 seconds, but Yardmax takes just 9.7 seconds. It also includes wedge which is a 4-way piece which helps in splitting the logs at four time faster rate.

How to Install Yardmax Log Splitter?

  • Move the engine switch to the ON position.
  • Open the fuel shut-off valve
  • Move the choke lever to the CLOSED position.
  • Move the throttle lever slightly to the FAST speed.
  • Draw the recoil starter until motor pressure has turned out to be hard to pull.
  • Give the force a chance to come back to the home position; at that point dismantle rapidly to begin.
  • Rehash ventures as required. Completely open the gag and set the throttle to the FAST position, before working the unit.


In case if you are not satisfied with Yardmax, you can try North Star. North Star has turned out to be one of the best log Splitters in the market from the most recent couple of decades. The company has given different models in the market. Among them, 37-ton water driven fueled log Splitter is increasingly mainstream with the clients. It has just got the consideration of the clients strikingly. It gives a particular structure, not too bad highlights, firm body, ground-breaking motor and so on. Its log splitters are very trustworthy, and that is the reason that its client’s rating is magnificent (4.6 out of 5). It is otherwise called substantial wood splitter in the showcase. This log Splitter is appropriate for commercial, heavy duty or business reasons.

Final Verdict

In this Yardmax log splitter review, all the features have been explained with the pros and cons. Now depending on your needs whether you are looking for small house purpose or commercial purpose, you can easily make your decision. However, Yardmax is the preferable choice if you are looking for something which has a smooth transition and a structural design.

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