What Size of Log Splitter do you need

What Size Of Log Splitter Do You Need

Working with woods is a daunting and painful task. Especially, when you need woods on a large scale, you cannot rely only on your hands and axes because it cannot be done that way. On top of that, splitting logs is something which you cannot take lightly. This activity is usually completed before the winters arrive because we need woods for fire during winters. The ‘cozy fire’, you can say! You need the woods of oak, walnut, cherry and that can be perfectly split by using log splitters. If you plan to use the woods on a regular basis, of course, you need a perfect log splitter for yourself. If you have a good log splitters, it saves lots of your time. But the question is what size of log splitter do you need?

The size of the log splitters also matters. The reason we are focusing here on the ‘size of the log’ is that purchasing a log splitter is expensive and we do not want that invest in something which you really do not require. A lot of people fail to choose the best log splitter for them and end up buying something which does not function as per the requirement. Sometimes it costs them more. There are points upon which you must ponder so that you buy a suitable log splitter for yourself which is comfortable and does not burn a big hole in your pocket.

The Log Splitters Are of Various Types

  • Manual Log Splitter
  • Slide Hammer Splitter
  • Electric Splitter
  • Gas powered Splitter
  • Heavy Duty Splitter
  • Kinetic Log Splitter

How Big Of A Log Splitter Do I Need

To an extent, we think that people take an impulsive way when they want to buy a log splitter. Before you buy, you need to assess the situation and ask a few questions from yourself, like, “Which log splitter would work efficiently for me?” Most importantly, ask yourself, “Which log splitter size is suitable for me?” Go for something that you actually need, it is not advisable to go for something which is modern and trendy in case of buying log splitters. You need to ascertain how big a log splitter you need. Points to ponder to ascertain while you buy a log splitter.

  • It is a myth that a bigger log splitter is better. No, it is not. Moreover, if you have a good disposable amount in your pocket, a retailer might try to sell you a bigger one. The size of a log splitter does not validate its efficiency.

1. Big splitters are beneficial when you have big logs to get cut.

2. Small electrical splitters are beneficial for cutting the smaller woods.

  • The texture and the hardness of the woods vary. How much force you need to put on the logs of wood, it depends on the hardness of the timber.

Oak, Maple, and hickory are considered to be the harder woods and they also burn till long. You need to exert more pressure to split these kinds of wood logs.

Woods of pine, poplar, and birch are the softer ones so they need a comparatively lesser amount of pressure to get split. The woods of walnut are considered neither too hard nor soft.

  • Another important point to think before buying a log splitter is to see whether you have freshly logs or the seasoned one.
    The logs which are way greener and fresh need a bigger size log splitter which has high tonnage.
    The woods logs that are dry, they need smaller log splitters.
  • How much force the machine needs to exert also determines the factor of buying a smaller or a bigger log splitter. We generally use the term log splitter tonnage for this. The higher the tonnage, the higher the amount of force it will exert.

If you buy a log splitter which is bigger than what you actually require, it will be a complete wastage of your money as well.

  • The machine’s automatic ram return time is also a determining factor. If a log splitter has this specification, the woods get cut quickly. It is considered as a good feature when you have lots of wood logs to get cut.
  • It is important to check about your priority in the case of cutting wood. If speed is your priority, then go for the faster log splitters. For this case, the fast log splitters make an informed choice. We use the term, cycle time, for this. Optimum cycle time is 15-16 cycle time.

You should not forget that the log splitter which you buy has its replacement parts available in the market. Make sure that it is readily available nearby. It is advisable that you buy the log splitter from the nearby store or from the manufacturer upon whom you can rely. The manufacturer would be able to supply you the spare parts easily and you can avoid wasting time even if your splitter gets damaged in between.

Whether you want to buy a big or small log splitter, the choice is completely yours. What we suggest you, is that you weigh and assess your options and needs, then make a choice to purchase. The log splitters are usually one-time investment and so we want you to make a perfect choice.

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