Set your own log Splitter with the Hydraulic Jacks

How To Make A Log Splitter With A Hydraulic Jack

Well, March is the ideal month to cut the woods because when the autumn arrives you have logs to fire. Doesn’t it sound right? Indeed it is. It must be sounding very logical to someone who is into firewood business or someone who has ever tried to ignite the fire with green wood. We are saying it is the ideal month because, during the month of January, you do not have to worry about the logs and you and conveniently create the firewood for your usage. There is much more demand for firewood processing in the colder regions like Europe, North America, Russia etc. In these regions, the temperature is usually close to zero degrees. If you study the reports, you will find that the market for Log Splitters is quite huge.

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To simplify things for you, we would like to make you understand how you can make a log splitter with a hydraulic jack. First of all, we need to understand the phenomena of hydraulics. The most basic example of hydraulics is the irrigation system. Hydraulics is a transmission system that uses fluid to power the machines. The mechanism of hydraulics is to operate through the force of liquid pressure. You can also say that the hydraulics works on the method of producing the movement through the pumped liquid. So the log splitter also works on the mechanism of hydraulics. Log Splitter is hydraulic equipment which is used to split logs into a smaller size. To make a log splitter with a hydraulic jack, you need a cylinder and a generator. The cylinder needs to be of the diameter of a minimum 4 inches and the generator needs to be of at least 5 horsepower. You will also find that a log splitter has a two-stage hydraulic oil pump rated at maximum 11 gallons per minute. Before you use any log splitter, do read the manual carefully.

Steps to follow while using Log Splitter

  • Find out whether the model which you are using is gas powered or electric powered
  • For a gas powered log splitter, make sure that there is enough gas in the machine
  • Now you need to add hydraulic oil into the splitter.
  • To start the hydraulic pump, ensure that you have connected all the required components of the machine
  • Once the power is on, put the wood log on the machine which you want to split
  • The piston in the machine will trigger and it will also put pressure on the log which needs to be split.
  • By applying the high pressure, the log will split into the size you want.

You can make a manual log splitter. You can also build your own electric log splitter. Building a manual wood splitter at home would consume less money. To build this, you need steel support, wedge system, hoses, control valve, steel blades (4 no’s, ¼ inch thick, and 10 inches long), cylinder, welding torch and saw.

Homemade Log Splitter Ideas

Do It Yourself

Steps to make manual Log Splitter
Step1- In a cross shape, weld the blades together at 90-degree angle, carefully cutting off the inner corners of them
Step 2 – Repeat the above step for the other two blades, and then weld both the pairs together
Step 3- The blades need to be welded into the pipe by cutting down the notches on one end
Step 4- Accommodate the welded blades to the hydraulic pump
Step 5- Take a piece of wood which needs to be sliced and test the log splitter
Make sure that the complete system is deactivated while you are working on to make the manual log splitter. It is a major safety instruction because if it is not done carefully, it might be injurious to you.

Breaking logs with hands can be very time consuming and it can be painful too, so you can also use electric log splitter. You need to be very careful with this because ultimately it is a powerful tool and needs to be handled with safety and precautions. Make sure that you are not wearing loose fitting clothes. If you have already used this kind of log splitter, you must have got an idea that it operates in a much similar way anyone with an ax would do. It also works on the mechanism of hydraulic pumping. The only thing which you have to do is to place the wood logs on the machine for splitting purpose.

Either you go for a horizontal or vertical one; it has its own pros and cons associated with it. The activity of log splitting is seasonal; however, it is something perennial. If you are in a colder climate, you need to do it every year. We strongly recommend that you go for a kind of log splitter which is worth the usage. Something which suits the needs of another person might not suit yours

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