North Star Log Splitter Review

North Star Log Splitter Review

​​North Star Log Splitter: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: ​​​​North Star Log Splitter​​​

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What We Like

  • ​Efficient
  • ​Splitting is hydraulic powered
  • ​Four years warranty
  • ​Exclusive design
  • ​Metal body

What We Don't Like

  • ​Not suitable for light use
  • ​Expensive
  • ​Heavyweight

Decades-old US-based manufacturer and a market leader in machines, power equipment and tools, and with a portfolio of more than 500 different products and equipment, North star has designed and developed new product North Star Log Splitter – 37-Ton. The 37-ton log splitter can split any log which comes in the way. Fitted with Honda GX270 270 cc engine, it has an idle feature to save fuel and decrease noise while loading wood.

To reduce travel time and increase productivity, the intelligent concentric hydraulic pump adjusts pressure and flow by delivering low pressure – high flow when there is no resistance, and high pressure – low flow when the user is cutting a log. In this article, we will provide you with the detailed North Star log splitter review.

North Star has turned out to be one of the best log Splitters in the market from the most recent couple of decades. It has about 30 years of assembling background in the side of open air control gear. North Star has given different models in the market. Among them, 37-ton water driven fueled log Splitter is increasingly mainstream with the clients. It has got the consideration of the customers strikingly. It gives a particular structure, not too bad highlights, solid body and ground-breaking motor and so on. The item is very trustworthy, and that is the reason client rating is magnificent (4.6 out of 5). It is otherwise called substantial wood splitter in the showcase. The log splitter is appropriate for commercial, heavy duty or business reasons.

Who is this Product for?

A log splitter is intended to make a log part simple. Any individual who physically parts or utilizing the old method can purchase this simple splitter to use the machine. It should be utilized by experts or an individual with the skill of the procedure of the log part. Fundamentally created for business reasons, it can be utilized by different personals and experts for individual use.

What’s Included in the Product name?

The product includes a log splitter with a toolbox, Hydraulic oil, guide, and a client manual. Hardware is not complicated to collect with nearly everything effectively joined.

Overview of Features

North Star comes with a variety of features like it has an engine which is 270 cc powerful which helps in doing massive duty job and completes the work at a faster rate. And it works effortlessly. This log splitter is portable; also as it comes with two tires which makes it easy to move. You can use this splitter vertically as well as horizontally. To get large force to split, it works with gasoline power. These are the features which make this log splitter efficient and worth buying.

How to Install North Star Log Splitter?

North Star Log Splitter Reviews


It depends upon the place from where you purchase the item. A few merchants convey a collected unit while some convey it with just parts. Collecting the unit is difficult. You can either assemble the unit by perusing the manual or you can call the organization faculty who can help you in gathering and will even guide you on the most proficient method to utilize the Equipment.

To assemble:

Move the engine switch to the ON position.

Open the fuel shut-off valve.

Move the choke lever to the CLOSED position.

Move the throttle lever slightly to the FAST speed.

Draw the recoil starter until motor pressure has turned out to be hard to pull. Give the force a chance to come back to the home position, at that point dismantle rapidly to begin. Rehash ventures as required. Completely open the gag and set the throttle to the FAST position, before working the unit.


In case if you are not satisfied with North Star log splitter, you can also try Champion log splitter. Champion Power Equipment – 27 ton 224 c Log splitter is manufactured by Champion. With a dimension of 51.3 x 39.3 x 89.5 inches, the tool weights around 434 pounds. With a capacity of splitting with a force of 27 ton, 300 cycles per hour, to cut big logs power tool, it can be converted from horizontal to vertical in three simple steps. Easily portable/Transportable Equipment has extended tongue towing application 16-inch tires and is compatible with most UTV/ATV. It is towable at a maximum speed of 45 MPH.

Final Verdict

In this North Star log splitter review, all the features, specifications, pros and cons have been specified. Before you invest your money, go through the features and do check if that matches your exact requirement.

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