Which One Should You Buy Electric Vs Gas Log Splitters

Electric Vs Gas Log Splitter

In today’s times, axes are things of the past when you are looking for splitting logs of wood for the winter season. There is so much demand for log splitters in the global market because of rising environmental concerns. Since the prices of heating gas oil are also increasing, that is why people are demanding more firewood to keep their homes warm in the winter season. Heating your homes can be an expensive affair. When the weather turns cold, people use firewood to keep their homes cozy and warm. Not just the feel is warm; the ambiance also becomes different to give the warm glow to your home. The global log splitter market is segmented into gas powered splitters, electrical splitter, tractor powered splitters. The segmentation is also in terms of horizontal or vertical splitters.

The most commonly used are the electric and gas log splitters. Both the splitters work on the mechanism of hydraulics. The functionality of both the log splitters is the same; it’s just that the electric log splitters use the motor to a power source the hydraulics. The gas log splitters have a combustion engine for the power source. It is commonly said by users that electric log splitters are one the most convenient option you can choose for splitting logs of wood. You can easily upgrade from an ax to an electric log splitter and it is much less noisy. They are comparatively cheaper. You can buy a good electric log splitter under $300.

The Best Electric Log Splitters of 2019 Are

  • Boss Industrial ES7T20
  • Powerhouse XM-380
  • WEN 56206

The best gas log splitters of 2019 are

  • Champion Power Equipment 92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter
  • Dirty Hand Tools 100171 22 Ton Log Splitter with Kohler Engine
  • Champion Power Equipment No.90720 Gas Powered Log Splitter
  • Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Sls20825 Gas Powered Log Splitter

Coming to the gas log splitters, people buy gas log splitters to split heavy logs of wood. If you need to split the bigger log of wood, then go for this kind of log splitters. People who have issues like backache and do not want to hurt their back, we strongly suggest that you go for the gas splitter. The gas powered log splitter comes with a hefty price as well. The weight of most gas log splitters ranges between 7 to 35 tons. Unlike electric log splitters, you can operate the gas log splitters vertically as well as horizontally.

The electric, as well as the gas log splitters, have their own pros and cons. We would like to compare the features of these two types of log splitters so that you get the logic behind buying either electric or gas log splitters.


Gas Log Splitter– The cost of this will start from $1000. The commercial gas log splitters come in the range of $3000. Not just this, you need to incur regular expenses for changing the oil, motor, air filters. The fuel usage is more in the gas log splitters.

Electric gas Splitters– The cost of these splitters will range between $300-$1000. Again, we say that it depends on the brand and size of the log splitter. You do not need to maintain extra expenses for the fuel. So the maintenance cost is also quite minimal.


Gas Log Splitters- Due to its bulky size, you cannot keep the gas log splitters indoors. You also need a well-ventilated area for gas log splitters because it leaves fumes. Moreover, these splitters are very noisy and you might end up annoying your neighbors.

Electric Log Splitters- You can keep these splitters indoors, outdoors or anywhere. They do not make much noise as compared to the gas log splitters. You can also use these splitters in the porch or in the garage. This adds a convenience factor to electric splitters.


Gas Log Splitters- These are heavier and transporting them is quite difficult.

Electric Splitters- This type of log splitter is lightweight and you can move them easily. You can keep it along with you while moving to places. The transportation is quite easier with the electric log splitters

Portable Log Splitter

Splitting Capacity

Gas Splitters- The capacity of these log splitters is more and they can split the larger size of woods as well. The gas log splitters are known for splitting the hardest of woods even if they are 25” in length and up to 18” in diameter.

Electric Log Splitter- These splitters can split the softer woods. They can split the woods ranging up to 20.5” in length and 12” in diameter. So if you have logs larger than this size, you would need gas splitters.

The main purpose of using the log splitters, either it is electric or gas based is to split the woods for firewood. The factors which pertain to its weight, sound, cost or fuel usage is somehow secondary, but they do matter while you purchase it. Even if you own a costly log splitter and it does not solve the purpose of splitting woods, there is no point in purchasing that. If you want to use a log splitter in a remote location, where there is no dearth of space, you can easily go for a gas log splitter. If you have concerns like less space and you do not want fumes all over, go for the electric log splitter. By now, we understand that you will be able to make an informed decision before you go to the shop to purchase a log splitter for your winter woods. We wish you happy winters!

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