Champion Log Splitter Reviews

Champion Log Splitter Review


Review of: ​​​Champion Log Splitter​​​





What We Like

  • ​Built Quality
  • ​224cc champion engine
  • ​Easy to convert from horizontal to vertical
  • ​11-second cycle round
  • ​Auto run valve
  • ​Up to 300 cycles per hour
  • ​Portable/Transportable
  • ​Towable at a speed of up to 45 mph
  • ​Low oil shut off the sensor

What We Don't Like

  • ​Huge Size
  • ​Difficult to store
  • ​High on maintenance
  • ​Regular service required
  • ​Expensive spare parts
  • ​Expensive repair
  • ​Small fuel capacity
  • ​No color option

Champion is US-based Machines, Power, and generator manufacturers. The decades-old company has an array of more than 100 products in its portfolio. Being a market leader, they use the most advanced technology and have a strong technical and research team.

To ease the log splitter process, with their technology, experience and keeping in mind the requirement of a customer and give relief from backbreaking log splitting process, they have designed one of the most advanced, sturdy, and easy to use the product – Champion Power Equipment – 27 ton 224 c Log splitter. Fitted with a powerful 224c single cylinder, the OHV engine manufactured by Champion has a capacity of splitting force of 27 ton. With 0.9 gal fuel tank and 0.6 pl oil capacity, it has a low – oil shut of a sensor which is very helpful as it highlights and shuts the machine down if the fuel Is low. With three simple steps, one can cut big logs by converting the splitter from horizontal to vertical. With and powerful 11-sec cycle, it is capable of up to 300 cycles per hour. Accessible to transport/shift power tool, it is towable at a speed of 45MPH.

Champion Log Splitter – 27 ton 224 c Log splitter – Manufactured by champion has a home designed and 224cc OHV single cylinder engine, specially produced by the brand. With a dimension of 51.3 x 39.3 x 89.5 inches, the tool weights around 434 pounds. With a capacity of splitting with a force of 27 ton, 300 cycles per hour to cut big logs, the power tool can be converted from horizontal to vertical in three simple steps. Easily portable/transportable equipment has extended tongue towing application 16-inch tires and is compatible with most UTV/ATVs. It is towable at a maximum speed of 45 MPH.

Who is this Product for?

Champion Power Equipment – 27 ton 224 c Log splitter is designed to make log splitting easy. Anyone who manually cuts or is using the old technique can buy this easy-to-use machine. It is advisable to be used by professionals or the person with the know-how of the process of log splitting. Mainly developed for a commercial purpose, it can be used by other personals and professionals for personal use also.

What’s Included?

The complete package has 1 – Champion Power Equipment – 27 ton 224 c Log splitter with tool kit, guide, user manual, and hydraulic oil. The equipment is easy to assemble with almost everything already attached.

Overview of Features

 Champion Log Splitter Reviews

Fitted with 224cc Champion OHV single cylinder engine, it can split a log with 27-ton force. 0.9 gal fuel tank, iron sleeve cast, low oil sensor with 0.6 QL oil capacity does a cycle in 11 seconds and has a capability of 300 cycles per hour. To make significant log splitting easier, one can convert the tool horizontal to vertical in three simple steps. With a 27 ton of splitting force, one can break a log of 24 inches. With five gal’s hydraulic oil, an individual can operate it at 11GPM. Towable at a maximum speed of 45 MPH, extended tongue with towing application and 2 inch balls, it is compatible with most UTV/ATVs.

How to Install Champion Log Splitter?

Installation depends on the place from where you buy the product. Some dealers deliver a wholly assembled unit whereas some deliver it with attachments. It is not easy to collect the unit. You can construct the unit by reading the manual or you can call the company personnel who can assist you in assembling and will even guide you on how to use the equipment.


Champion Power Equipment – 27 ton 224 c Log splitter is designed to fulfill every requirement of yours, but if you are still not satisfied with it, Champion 37-Ton Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return is the right option for you. More significant in size and with a 37-ton splitting force and 338cc champion engine, it is more powerful and has larger fuel capacity.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have shared the Champion Log splitter reviews. Before investing your hard earned money, compare your requirements with the product description mentioned above and accordingly plan your investment. As per our advice, this equipment is a masterpiece and will be able to satisfy all your requirements.


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